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Pinewood Technologies’ dealer management software, Pinnacle, has expanded into Netherlands and Ireland and is finalising a launch in Finland.

The Pendragon owned software firm saw Pinnacle installed across in a multi-franchise dealer group in Ireland during 2016. In January 2017 Pinnacle was rolled out across the largest used truck dealer in Europe, BAS Trucks in the Netherlands.  The move followed an initial pilot scheme in October 2016.

Commenting on the business’ expansion a Pinewood spokesperson noted; “We are delighted by the early success of our launch into the Netherlands. In entering the country, the business is working with local experts on a joint basis. It is a move that echoes Pinewood’s co-operative ethos. We have great people and technology operating at the leading edge of our industry, but the business’ No.1 strength is a capacity to work with dealers and business where there is a shared trajectory and vision.”

Pinewood  are set to entre the Finnish market in the near future,  working with a local partner: “As we move further into Europe, our growth will be all about establishing strong partnerships alongside our technology and agility to tailor it to local needs.  In terms of impact and growth, we have reason to be very confident!”


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