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Kia has launched a comparator utilising independent data from KeeResources, as part of its new website. Consumers can compare vehicles on specification and running costs, BIK and company car tax.

Melanie Minett, Dealer & Channel Marketing Manager at Kia commented: “Having worked with KeeResources for the last three years, the quality and breadth of their data and their independence add real credibility and value to our website. This newest version of the application helps to ensure our website gains additional credibility and ‘stickiness’; assisting our customers and dealers alike.” The feature allows site visitors to compare Kia cars with vehicles from other brands.

Alan Henson (Head of Sales & Customer Service) at KeeResources said: “Data granularity and accuracy is at the very core of our business. With so many private and business vehicle buyers extensively researching their next purchase online, our extensive comparison data is an ideal way for Kia to properly engage with customers. What the customer sees is a genuine comparison – and this creates a high level of trust in the Kia brand.”


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