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A Bristol sign maker, Create Signs says that it is utilising some of the latest telematics solutions to drive down fleet and fuel costs, as well as meet their Duty of Care obligations.

The firm which runs a fleet of five vehicles wanted to better manage driver hours for overtime and ensure it was adhering to health and safety regulations whilst its employees were on the road.

By installing Tracker units in its vehicles the company says it has seen a 15% increase in fuel savings, improved efficiency of its fleet by up to 10% and a reduction in insurance premiums by around 4%. In addition, the overall management of staff time has been improved by 10%.

Commenting on their findings, Andy Fogg, partner at Create Signs, says, “Our main reason for using Tracker is to better time manage our hard working nationwide installation team, optimising vehicle usage, whilst balancing the efficiency of deliveries and meeting our Duty of Care obligations to our staff. The system is also an integral part of our Sustainability Policy. We are working in a tough economic climate and every penny counts for a business like ours that runs a small fleet. The investment in Tracker units has certainly paid off. Not only have we seen cost savings, but we are fully informed of where our staff are at any given time, plus we can make sure we are managing their time as efficiently as possible.”

The telematics units that Create Sings are using incorporate Transient Voltage Detection technology which detects electrical noise to more accurately determine when an engine is running and the eliminating false ‘idling’ readings picked up by some systems. It also examines driver performance, a growing trend in fleet monitoring, and boasts a flexible reporting suite that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each of its customers. The Tracker units also offer battery powered modules to ensure assets which have no built-in power supply, such as mobile units and trailers, can be monitored.

Talking about the Bristol firm’s experience, Stephen Doran, Managing Director of Tracker said, “Create Signs demonstrates just how small business can financially benefit from investing in telematics solutions. At a time when making cost savings for a business is crucial, employing a telematics solution can be a very viable option, irrespective of the size of fleet to be monitored.”


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