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Regular MOT checks can highlight potential problems
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CHANGES to the MOT, particularly if frequency were to be reduced, would lead to a significant rise in vehicles with dangerous defects that would only become apparent after a collision, according to motoring organisations.

The Adam Smith Institute has said that the MOT could be carried out every two years, suggesting that driver error is the cause of most accidents.

AA president Edmund King said that it would be an error to change the frequency of the MOT which highlights many problems that could become dangerous without attention.

Motoring and safety organisation GEM has long campaigned for driver education to lead the way in reducing death and serious injury on the roads, but it said that any approach to road safety has to be joined up.

It said in a statement: “There is no ‘silver bullet’ to eliminate crashes, so the idea of focusing solely on driver error, as proposed by the Adam Smith Institute, is misguided.

“Of course, drivers should not rely on an annual MoT test for maintenance. Regular servicing, even though it is not a legal requirement, is vital for safety – as well as helping to preserve the value of a vehicle as it gets older.”


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