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EMaC is combining its latest Service Plan innovations – AutoQuote and Self-Serve – to give dealers greater revenue opportunities and their customers more purchasing flexibility.

By bringing the two together, dealers will streamline the sales proposal and enhance the follow-up process to ensure aftersales opportunities are not missed.

AutoQuote delivers an automated Service Plan quotation, alleviating the administration burden dealers face at point of sale.  Its Self-Serve offering allows consumers to purchase Service Plans online via their chosen dealer website, at their convenience.

Up to now, both these services have been available separately, but this new move brings the two innovations together to provide one coherent sales and follow-up solution.

Through the new integrated service, the consumer first receives an AutoQuote in the dealership.  If they do not take advantage of the Service Plan within a specified timescale, EMaC intelligence identifies the missed opportunity and sends the consumer an email of behalf of the dealership, including a link to their own ‘Self-Serve’ web page.

This reminder allows the consumer to purchase their service plan online in a few clicks, securing sales that may have otherwise been missed.

John O’Donnell, Managing Director of EMaC, said: “By harnessing the power of data from the AutoQuote system we can now help boost the number of customers choosing to buy their own Service Plans via Self-Serve. Consumers who have already purchased a Service Plan won’t be contacted, ensuring only those who can benefit from the communication are emailed.

“This development complements dealers’ existing sales channel activity, bringing their consumers added choice and flexibility. The combination of AutoQuote and Self-Serve creates a powerful tool to help dealers enhance consumer retention and boost revenue opportunities by catching potential sales that may otherwise slip through the net.”



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