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Sean Kent, sales director at the RAC Dealer Network
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VEHICLE sensors have become the most claimed-for item under warranties sold in 2018 by the RAC Dealer Network.

They are followed by alternators, coils, water pumps and fuel injectors. Previously, alternators were the subject of the highest number of claims.

Sean Kent, sales director at the RAC Dealer Network, which partners with Assurant in the warranties and aftersales sector, said: “There is perhaps some irony in the fact that sensors have become the biggest warranty claim item, seeing as they are there to monitor vehicle faults in the first place.

“However, they perform an essential function in modern cars in terms of ensuring that vehicles are kept running and in the best possible shape.

“It is probably an indication of the age and mileage of many of the vehicles that are sold through our network that sensor failure is widespread. Most of the cars and vans are between four and seven years old and some sensors can reach the end of their useful life during that period.”

Kent said that there had been an ongoing shift in warranty claims away from major mechanical components and towards electrical items such as sensors over several years.

“In the past, if you bought a used car, you perhaps worried more about gearbox failure, for example, but this is quite rare in 2018. Now, issues are becoming more likely to result from the very complex electrical systems that are fitted to all cars.

“In the future, we expect this trend to continue. The technology that is emerging on cars, such as driver assistance systems, mean that there will be greater demand for warranties that cover a increased number of electrical components, something that we have been meeting with our recently-introduced Platinum and Platinum Plus products.”


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