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PETRONAS Ecovent packaging introduces one pail standard in Europe, achieving both consistency, efficiency and a greener supply chain.

The new packaging is a major step forward in PLI’s aim to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, as it is manufactured with up to 50% Post Consumer Resin (PCR). A patented anti-glug feature incorporated into the neck of the pail ensures quicker and smoother pouring with less oil waste.

Due to various legacy reasons, PLI supported five different 20L packs in Europe. However, since those requirements no longer exist, the lubricants brand saw an opportunity to standardise the range and achieve efficiency in size and labels, and consistency in look and feel. This resulted in a pail that is up to 250 grams lighter and contains up to 50% recycled plastic. The pails themselves are fully recyclable and come in black, blue and silver.

Another improvement to the new packaging is the anti-glug system. An inner air channel creates a free air flow entrance, which results in oil flowing out uniformly. This design tackles the common challenge of pouring the oil out of the pail whilst trying to avoid wasting any of it.

This new single pack is UN level 3 certified, meaning it passes heavy destructive tests. 20L PETRONAS Ecovent also meets the requirements for the new ‘Plastic Tax’ that has been introduced across Europe, whereby all virgin plastics will be taxed, to therefore encourage the reuse of plastic and reduce waste.

Domenico Ciaglia, Managing Director of EMEA at PETRONAS Lubricants International, said: “The 20L PETRONAS Ecovent packaging offers a greener option and better customer experience because of the registered Ecovent anti-glug system. We are pleased we can offer our customers these benefits, and contribute to achieving a more sustainable supply chain.

“This new packaging is again a step forward in PLI’s aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and supporting our customers to operate more sustainably. Besides the pail we’ve also optimised our steel drums, so they are now lighter than before, which reduces greenhouse emissions in the production process enormously. These changes are just the first steps in our packaging journey; there is much more to come in 2022.”

The 20L PETRONAS Ecovent comes in a PETRONAS branded or plain option for EOMs/ branded caps.

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