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OVER two-thirds of motorists are likely to make an aftersales appointment with a dealer that reminds them when work is due, according to research commissioned by Marketing Delivery.

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director at Marketing Delivery, said that with showroom doors closed until April 12, a strong aftersales function remains a key focus for franchised dealers up and down the country.

“Aftersales departments need to be on top of their digital game, and that means capturing and retaining accurate data on MOT and service due dates, securing contact permissions, and then scheduling timely reminders.”

The likelihood of making a service or MOT booking in response to a reminder does not fluctuate across different age groups or regions in the UK, according to the research.

Evans added: “We all have busy lives and competing priorities, and it is not uncommon for people to let service or MOT dates slip. Dealers that put the right processes in place now can reap the rewards – filling service bays and driving long-term loyalty.”

Dealers holding inaccurate MOT data

Evans said that that many dealers currently hold inaccurate data relating to MOT renewals. “This is a peak period for MOTs, but the extension period granted by the government has meant many aftersales departments are now contending with large volumes of inaccurate MOT renewal data. 

“Our MOT Box system can connect to the Driver and Vehicle Service Agency to find and update the MOT due date of every vehicle on the road today. Personalised reminder emails can then be issued automatically at the appropriate time.





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