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DEALERS are always looking to squeeze more revenue from their workshops and are increasingly turning towards digitalisation for the answer.

The convenience, security, and simplicity of digital tools allow for greater productivity and customer experience.

Communication is key

Communication is imperative to retaining customers. In today’s world, where information is a quick internet search away, you want to be one step ahead.

Setting up automatic email reminders for your customers that coincide with their service intervals is one way of retaining them. Being able to customise those service intervals for your communications, according to the requirements of the vehicle brand, type, age, or mileage, is a bonus. Accompanied with precise DVLA MOT data, you can accurately alert your customers when work is due.

Before the vehicle even arrives, dealers can now gain approval for the repair work by requesting an electronic signature in Pinewood DMS, eliminating any contact with physical paperwork required whilst in the dealership.

Workshop transparency

 Customers appreciate knowing what is happening to their car, without having to call or drop into your workshop. Provide your customers detailed notes of the service in the digital job card, video explanations of the work carried out, and live updates on the progress of the service – all for them to view from the comfort of their home.

The more you give your customers, the more they will trust and invest in your business. Ultimately, this results in boosted revenue – they are more likely to return to your service department and sign off any additional work you might suggest.

To streamline your services, cut out the pen and paper and make use of the digital tools available. For instance, in Pinewood’s workshop app, Tech+, you can record and send highly quality videos, perform vehicle health checks, and type in service notes that reflect instantly on the digital job card.

Dougal Keith, Managing Director of D.M. Keith Motors, said: “Tech+ has quite frankly revolutionised what we do. Within the app, technicians can clock on and off a job, perform a visual health check, and see the service history of the car. It enhances the experience for technician, and the efficiency in the way that we work in the workshop.”

Simple and secure payment options

 With prices rising across every industry, you need to be sensitive to what customers are willing to pay and avoid losing out on potential revenue. An expensive service with a vehicle health check full of red and amber work can put customers off – this is where finance plans come in.

Chris Taylor, Group IT Director for Cambria Automobiles, explained how Pinewood’s integration with Bumper benefited his dealer group: “Many drivers are worried about expensive repairs on their cars, especially in today’s climate – but Pinewood’s Bumper integration really makes the difference. Splitting VHC bills into smaller payments makes them more affordable, so more of our customers are happy to go ahead with extra work.”

Providing simple and secure payment options without needing to step into the dealership can make vehicle repairs more affordable and attractive.

Dealer groups using Pinewood DMS have seen a huge success in servicing by providing the omni-channel experience customers are looking for.

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