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ASSURANT Global Automotive has selected Mobile Devices’ Munic OBD-II Dongles as part of its new connected car offering.

Assurant’s Pocket Drive is one of the auto industry’s first connected devices enabling dealers and customers to benefit from cutting-edge mobile connectivity and vehicle data insights.

Pocket Drive utilises a cellular-connected dongle developed by Mobile Devices, with either a LTE CatM or LTECat4+WIFI Hotspot, which plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port and collects a wealth of insights.

A dealer version empowers owners to modernise their operations and create a more streamlined customer experience. A consumer version offers customers a safer, simpler and smarter way to drive.

Chad Ammons, Vice President of Global Strategy and Innovation in Assurant’s Global Auto business, said: “We leveraged our expertise in vehicles and connected devices to offer revenue, efficiency and cost saving opportunities to dealers, while making vehicle ownership easier and safer for consumers.

“Thanks to Munic OBD-II Dongles, Pocket Drive can conduct a complete scan of virtually every engine control unit in most vehicle types dating back to 1996. We leverage that wealth of data to enable a better ownership experience for consumers and enhanced customer loyalty for dealers.”


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