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WORKSHOP management platform r2c Online has processed it’s 15,000,000th digital job sheet.

There are now nearly 30,000 fleets and more than 1200 workshops using the platform, with the company projecting a current run-rate of 5,000,000 job sheets per year, and growing.

r2c Online entered the market in 2003 as a start-up technology business with a product aiming to move the commercial vehicle fleet and workshop management process online. One of their first solutions was to offer fleets and workshops an electronic job sheet.

Prior to r2c Online, compliance inspections had typically been scheduled and managed on a wall planner, with technicians completing a service inspection sheet on carbon triplicate paper, and all stakeholders issued a hardcopy which fleet operators kept filed for 15 months.

Marketing Manager Jessica Lewis-Stone said: “To us this seemed an unnecessarily expensive and inefficient process, based around endless phone calls, emails, post and a huge amount of paper.

“It put operators at risk of missing inspections, losing paperwork or receiving dirty, damaged or incomplete paperwork.”

In response, r2c Online launched an online alternative. Workshops could instead complete a digital inspection sheet using a laptop or tablet, which once completed would be automatically uploaded to a cloud hosted and password protected platform, where it could be stored and retrieved as required by fleet managers.

The platform now employs more than 60 people from its head office in Sheffield, with around 30% of HGV fleets utilising the solution.

Through years of continuous improvement and development, the platform has grown to offer fleets and workshops a complete management solution; including digital inspections sheets, online maintenance planner, digital driver walkaround checks, digital T-cards and workload management, invoicing, automatic maintenance authorisation and parts stock management, all via one system.


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