Martin Isaacs and Lee Birch
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NATIONWIDE Accident Repair Services has further expanded its Rapid Repair model with the opening of a new facility in Dudley.

Martin Isaac, Divisional Director, said: The idea behind the Rapid Repair model is to improve the service we provide to our customers which is why we have a key to key target of five days.

“It was important to open a Rapid Repair Centre in Dudley because we have a number of sites in this area and this will help us improve our speed of repair.

Managed by General Manager, Lee Birch, the team was selected to ensure the right skills are present to deliver excellent service to Nationwide customers. Ensuring a fluent flow through the bodyshop is critical in a Rapid Repair Centre, which is why all the Technicians in Dudley are multi-skilled.

The bodyshop, which consists of 13 bays and a Junair spray booth, has been fitted with top of the range equipment to best support the skilled team.

In addition, Nationwide has opted to introduce the latest electric equipment that has significant Health and Safety benefits compared to traditional pneumatic tools, improving the overall well-being of the Technicians and the bodyshop environment.



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