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Sunday, Mar 26th

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Jason Dawe: Bonuses for motor trade sales people

Keith mtnIt looks like the recession might at last be coming to an end, at least that's the message I'm getting from a number of dealers who are starting to make some reasonable money. But whilst the business may be generating some healthy profits I'm finding an increasing number of sales people who are struggling to make ends meet.


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Jason Dawe: Supply and demand

supplu mtnSupply and demand, it's the basis upon which modern economics has been founded. The theory is simple, when demand is high and supply is low prices rise, but when supply is high and demand is low prices fall.

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Jason Dawe: What we can learn from our dogs

dogs mtnI am scared of dogs. Deep down I harbour a natural distrust of them. I wasn't bitten as a child and I haven't been attacked as an adult. But when I am around them my natural state is one of anxiety.

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Jason Dawe: Clarkson, Top Gear the end of an era

clarkson MTNSo that's that, Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear are no longer one and the same. James May and Richard Hammond have gone on record as saying they will stick with Jeremy so I guess that means the whole team may pop up elsewhere, but not on the BBC.

For those of you who don't know I was the original third presenter on Top gear with Jeremy and Richard, replaced after the first series by James May as the channel felt that my bit on used cars didn't translate well abroad. So I guess that gives me a bit of a unique status and one that the press have wanted to explore since the news broke that Jeremy had been suspended.

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Jason Dawe: Why we can learn a lot from the High Street

high street MTNI'm not the world's keenest shopper. I hate standing in queues, I hate fighting for car park spaces, and I hate carrying bags. This is why Christmas 2014 was mostly delivered by 'Mr Amazon'. That's to say that 80% of my purchases were transacted online, delivered by courier and handed over to happy recipients without me ever leaving the comfort of my office.

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